Made in the UK

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Home is where our heart is

When we started our stationery journey, before thinking about designs, products and paper, there was one thing we knew for certain; we wanted all of our products to be designed and manufactured in the UK. We believe it's important we have a close relationship with everyone who helps us bring our products to life. This involves lots of meetings, face-to-face so that we can share the passion and love for our brand and products with those that are a vital part of the process. It takes time and effort and can't be done via video calls, emails and distant third party brokers. We need to walk through the factory and see the happy, smiling faces of everyone helping to make all Say Nice Things stationery something beautiful and genuine.

Fortunately, the UK is full of passionate, talented people and we have been very lucky to find like-minded partners who care as much as we do. We work closely together on every detail; from our design concepts to working samples and finally, the products you see before you.

By designing and manufacturing in the UK we keep a close eye on quality. Whether it's sitting next to our designers to play with colour swatches or standing in the factory checking colour intensities rolling off the print press, we're close to every single step to ensure that what you hold in your hands when you order a journal, notebook or postcard is better than you expected.

This is what makes us happy and we think that it will make you happy, too.