Jill's Story

Image of Jill Pinner at school age and nowFirst Love

If you’re reading this, then you probably understand. Like most obsessions, my passion for stationery started at a young age; with the mail order catalogues my auntie would give me to play with as a child.

Brochures, forms, envelopes; the smell of ink on paper. I devoured it all. School always came with the ritual of new exercise books and with those, the promise of new beginnings. My love grew deeper and continued into adulthood. To this day, each notebook and journal heralds a fresh start; whether it be a poem, work project or simply planning a holiday. Once it’s written down my mind is tidy and organised… saved to my stationery memory bank that will never forget. Am I a little odd?

Constant in a changing world

The love of stationery has been a constant in my life - its analogue simplicity a wonderful antidote to an increasingly digital world. Then, at the age of 50 a heart attack took me to a place I had never been before. My journal at the time saved my life. A largely private person I was able to write down how I was feeling, reflect on what had happened and make decisions about moving my life forward. Re-reading it some 8 years later I realise how much I’ve changed my life in so many positive ways. A journal is the best self-help book you can read.

Fresh perspective

With fresh perspective I vowed to start something exciting, new and scary to satisfy my passion for stationery and design. The idea of launching my own brand was born. As a businesswoman I also worry we’ve lost our identity when it comes to making things, perhaps failing to value the skill of creating? It’s important to me to create products of real quality - something I’ve discovered requires patience and nurturing to keep a close eye on every detail. I also want to support other companies at home so for these reasons I decided early on that wherever possible we would design and manufacture in the UK. As for the products, it’s all about the detail. It has to feel right, with textures, finishes and sizes that are comfortable. Carefully selected colours are matched to designs for both personal and professional environments. Most importantly, there’s a discreet thoughtfulness to every detail, resulting in products that seamlessly adapt to how you want to use them.

This is just the beginning. With new products already in design I hope to extend this philosophy by working with young designers on new products to meet our customers’ needs, sharing any financial success with them. Until then, if you’re going to commit to writing it down… “Say Nice Things”.