Coming Soon


This is just the start for Say Nice Things. Since the very beginning of our stationery adventure we’ve always had one problem…too many ideas! New designs, different formats, fun content; we’re brimming with thoughts and plans on how we can bring you the best, unique and inspiring stationery products and ideas anywhere.


Just the beginning

Behind the scenes we’re already working on the next phase of products as well as listening to the feedback from our customers on what you love about our products, but just as importantly, what you don’t love about them. We’re already working on ideas for list books, a 2017 diary, pocket books and much, much more. Not to mention lots of new designs that we’re already pretty excited about!


Our aim

Our hope is that by drawing on our collective love for stationery we can continue to bring you products that you will love to own. But most importantly, our aim is to inspire you by providing the tools you need to improve your life by helping you to be better organised, more productive, more creative and happier. We love to hear your feedback, so please get in touch via the Contact page with your comments and ideas.