Writing hacks for parents

by Andy Youings August 18, 2017

Writing hacks for parents

In previous blog posts we’ve looked at how parents can use writing techniques with their children as a way of encouraging and improving family communication. This week we’re going to take a look from a different angle and explore some simple writing tricks that can provide support for parents and help you realise you're are not alone and doing an excellent job.

Being a parent is by no means easy, and sometimes it feels more challenging than others, depending on what else is going on in your life. It can also become a little overwhelming. Writing is not the answer to all life’s challenges but we believe that using some simple techniques that can give you the support you need.

So, for all those wonderful mums and dads out there, here are some simple techniques to help smooth a bumpy road and keep your positivity on track.


Keep a journal record

With so much advice for parents, it can often lead to huge pressure to do what’s considered as ‘right’. But the truth is no one is born with the perfect approach to parenting and you tend to work it out as you go, learning as much by your mistakes as your triumphs. Keeping a written record of the successes ("Charlie went to bed without screaming!") and the different approaches you’ve tried can be really beneficial in helping to document the techniques that work as well as a useful tool for reflecting on the positive experiences on the parenting journey. It’s also a great reference for the future!


Teach gratitude (and give yourself a boost)

One of the biggest lessons we all learn as children is how and when to say Thank You. Why not set-up a Thank You Board in the home and encourage your kids to write Thank You notes for all the wonderful things people (mainly you!) do for them. This helps maintain your confidence by reminding you of all the progress being made whilst helping children turn an important skill into a lifetime habit. Keep this somewhere in sight to always remind them how much they are appreciated.


Use mindfulness to unwind

It’s important to have a way of releasing your thoughts and frustrations but if writing isn’t doing it for you then there are other mindfulness techniques that can help to clear your mind and allow you to switch off for a short period of time. Why not try some reading or colouring? Even an idle ‘doodle’ in your journal can be a great way to clear out some mental clutter and unwind a little. Remember, parenting is no 9-5 job so try to make time to collect your thoughts and relax - even if it’s only for an hour a week.


Don’t be overwhelmed with the role of role model

By becoming a parent, we automatically take on being a role model to our children, and this can bring massive anxieties to simple day-to-day activities as we strive for everything to be perfect. Therefore, it’s important to recognise that life isn’t ‘Instagram perfect’ and there is lots of support out there from like-minded people going through the same experiences.

Parenting blogs are a fantastic resource for support, advice and a few laughs – and many of them welcome contributions from other parents willing to share their experiences. So, grab you pen and paper and write your own story. Here a couple of our favourites:

Up All Hours: https://upallhours.com/

A Day in the Life Dad: http://www.adayinthelifedad.com/


We hope that you found reading this helpful and we’d love you to share any writing tips that have helped you on your parenting journey.

Happy journaling!

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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