Travelling memories

by Andy Youings January 13, 2017

Travelling memories

Last week we looked at how your Say Nice Things journal or notebook could be used to help plan the travel adventure of a lifetime. In this second instalment, we share some tips and ideas for using your journal during your trip to ensure you preserve travel memories in a unique and special way.

Cherishing every memory you make is important when you are on your travels, especially if the places you go and the things you do are “once in a lifetime” opportunities or experiences you’re ticking off your bucket list. By recording these special memories in the pages of your journal you’ll capture so much more than the images on your camera; the smaller (and seemingly insignificant) details that are so easily forgotten in the fulness of time. It’s amazing when you return home and look at all the beautiful pictures you’ve taken as the experience is so new that all the little details fall into place. But in a few years’ time, when you get the photos back out to reminisce or show your friends and family you’ll want to remember every detail - from the people and the food to the culture and the weather, so you can truly recall the experience.

A great way to help build this memory bank is to jot down in your journal every place you visit and the kind of things you do. Be sure to include dates and times to really help you re-live that experience in the future. Try doing this at the end of each day so that you can save the freshest memory of your experiences…a travel diary, if you will! Be sure to tick the destinations off your bucket list as you move around too, this will fill you with great satisfaction and give you a sense of achievement.

And no matter how exciting the travel, we can all get home sick from time to time. Why not ask loved ones to write notes in your journal before you set off on your travels and bring these out at the moments when you most miss home. This is a great chance to reflect on the important people in your life while often serving as a reminder of the reasons you embarked on your journey in the first place.

Whether you’re travelling solo or with friends, you’re likely to meet fellow travellers and other people along the way. So many in fact that you might lose track of all the fantastic new relationships you’ve developed and friendships you’ve made. One way to capture this is to ask every new person you meet to jot down their name, number and a few sentences about how you both met, amusing anecdotes or words of wisdom. There’s nothing better than handwritten words on a page to help you remember the person that wrote them, hopefully inspiring you to keep in contact and share your travelling memories in the future. You might even inspire one another to visit destinations you had never thought of going to in the future based on your prior experiences.

Having gathered your memories together you can also use your journal notes to create other unique items to represent your experiences such as scrapbooks or collages. To help with this, it’s also useful to collect little keepsakes along the way. Items such as boarding passes, receipts, bus tickets and other seemingly trivial details can help give greater depth to your memories once you return home. The little pocket inside the rear cover of your Say Nice Things journal is perfect for gathering these details as you travel and storing them in a safe place. We guarantee that in years to come you’ll be glad you did.

When you’re travelling, things can get very busy, but try to write down all the great memories that you can because if you don’t you might regret it in years to come. What better way to cheer up any cold and miserable day than to use your Say Nice Things journals to look back over your memories of sunnier times, and what’s more, you might even pick up the travel bug again. Safe travels but most of all, happy journaling!

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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