The power of doodling

September 22, 2017

The power of doodling

Today (22nd September) marks “National Doodle Day” and is a special day for Epilepsy Action, a charity that helps to raise funds to support all of those affected by epilepsy. The annual event that started 14 years ago, features an online auction of celebrity doodles that the public can buy via an eBay auction starting today (22nd September) and ending on Sunday (24th September). Welcome everyone to National Doodle Day!

The celebrity doodles might be fun but the message behind them is a serious one - to help draw a line through epilepsy. You can view the pieces that will be up for auction here. Get involved and get bidding…it’s for a great cause! And you don’t have to see yourself as the next Picasso to get involved, just start sharing your doodles and help spread awareness for the event and support all those who are affected by epilepsy. You can share your doodles on Twitter @DoodleDay with the hashtag #DoodleDay or on Facebook (tagging @epilepsyaction) to help raise awareness for the event over the weekend.

Doodle image on journal page

With this fantastic event in mind, we thought we’d use this week’s blog to look at the power of doodling and how it can help you to switch off, clear your mind and relax. And the great thing about getting creative is there is no right or wrong - just a fantastic way to express how you are feeling or distract you from the chaos of everyday life. So, if you haven’t given it a go yet, here are some of the benefits we find from grabbing our pencil and notebook to get doodling.


Encourages creative thoughts

Doodling gets the creative sparks running through our minds and helps produce new, exciting and innovative ideas. Our doodles don’t have to be relevant to current projects or tasks and can be used as a way to activate the creative side of our brains whilst working.

Improves memory

If you’re not much of a writer, doodling can also be great for helping to remember things. So if you’re more of a visual thinker this may work really well for you. Adding a simple doodle next to a priority on your to-do list or meeting notes can better commit it to memory.

Good for mental wellbeing

With so much going on in our lives, doodling encourages us to switch off from the world for a while and regain a wider, calmer focus. We think this is also a good way of relieving stress by forming a healthy detachment from, and perspective on the things that might be troubling us.

Improves productivity

When we work hard at one thing for a sustained period of time, it can be tiring - resulting in us becoming easily distracted. Allowing yourself a point each day or week to doodle freely can help to stay on track.

Releases creative energy

Most of us have lots of creative energy but time and the ‘day job’ might not always allow us to express it and this can become frustrating. Doodling is an excellent way of satisfying our creative needs short term. A nice quick creative fix.

The wonderful thing about doodling is that it doesn’t even have to make sense. You are not aiming to create a piece of art, simply letting your pen, pencil or paintbrush flow freely to relieve your mind. That’s why all our journals we have a dedicated doodle section, providing the perfect place for all your doodles and scribbles.

Happy doodling.

 Image of dog doodle in Say Nice Things notebook

For more information on National Doodle Day and Epilepsy Action, visit:

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