Still mad about stationery

by Andy Youings May 05, 2017

Still mad about stationery

We hope you all enjoyed National Stationery Week as much as we did, but unfortunately, like all good things, it had to end. However, all is not lost. In this week’s blog, not only do we look at the best bits from National Stationery Week, we also look forward to other reasons to get passionate about paper during May. So, buckle-up stationery addicts and let us help you keep those withdrawal symptoms at bay.

National Stationery Week – our Top 5.

We couldn’t let the Seven Days of Stationery pass for another year without pausing to reflect on our favourite bits. Here’s our Top 5 from National Stationery Week 2017:

  1. The perfect kick-start to the week was the exciting release of our brand new pencils. All are designed and made in the UK and we think they’re a great addition to your pencil case! Head to our website to check out our beautiful range of graphite pencils.
  2. We had to take a look at what the official National Stationery Week website was up to and we’re so glad we did. This year the event is supporting the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity which provides specialist nursing care for children and young people with complex care needs. They shared a great post on why writing matters to them.
  3. ThankYouThursday was the perfect time to revisit the importance of gratitude therapy towards supporting health and wellbeing. Giving thanks doesn’t just have to make other people feel great, but can help you recognise the great things you have in your life and help turn positives into negatives. Putting pen to paper to express your thanks can really help you to realise all the important people and things you have in your life. Here’s an interesting read from the Huffington Post, with some useful tips on how to maintain a gratitude journal.
  4. FountainPenFriday - on the SNT blog, we also dipped our toes into the fascinating world of Graphology. Click here to read our post looking at what your handwriting could say about you and how you could use graphology to improve it.
  5. Our good friend Emma over at ‘A Cornish Geek’ also posted a number of articles throughout the week for reviews and stationery giveaways. Click here to read them all.

Don’t forget, it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate stationery any time of year, so don’t feel like you have to wait until National Stationery Week 2018 to try out different writing techniques, treat yourself to a new journal or note book and get really creative!


Stationery’s not just for National Stationery Week!

If, like us, you’re mad about stationery, don’t be sad that National Stationery Week has ended. The month of May offers lots of reasons to look forward and find the perfect excuse to indulge your stationery obsessions. Here’s how you can continue the celebrations of all things paper and creative this month (why not add these important dates to the calendar section of your Say Nice Things journal!):

  • Cartoonist Day (5th May 2017). We are sure you have many uses for your notebook, but on this day in particular, why not get your creative pencil to paper and follow in the nib-marks of famous cartoonists who use their notebook to build their creations.  
  • Festival of Making (7th May 2017)  As you may know, we are true supporters of all things made in the UK so why not celebrate your love for creation and innovation at the Festival of Making.
  • Limerick Day (12th May 2017).  A very interesting day for lovers of literature, you may already have great practice in limerick writing but for beginners, you might be intrigued to know more about this fun day.
  • Drawing Day (16th May 2017). If you didn’t spot our ‘how to draw a dog’ video on National Stationery Week, head to our website to celebrate Drawing Day by learning how to draw a dog by telling a story (suitable for adults and children).
  • Notebook Day (18th May 2017). Needless to say, this is one of our favourites. So whether you doodle, plan, sketch or scheme, today is the perfect excuse to grab your notebook and get creative. Find out more information about this event here.


We’re sure this will provide enough excuse to keep the stationery love coming, but if you’ve got any suggestions for additional events or topics you would like to find out more about, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and if we can help, we will.

Happy journaling.

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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