Resolutions…that we probably won’t keep!

January 02, 2018

Resolutions…that we probably won’t keep!

Picture the scenario: you’re off work, cosied up by the fire and marking the first page in your new journal. How perfect would it be to fill that first, crisp page with a list of your resolutions for 2018? It’s all well intended but here at SNT, we know the truth…more than a few of these will fall by the wayside sooner or later. But don’t worry, we’re all guilty of over-ambitious resolutions so in an attempt to lessen the guilt we thought we’d share some of our most un-kept resolutions of the past.


1. I will tidy the loft

The new year often comes with an ambition to have a bit of a tidy-up; the chance for a fresh start by clearing some space both physically and mentally. And.. tidy the loft? It’s the space that’s tucked away from downstairs - the home to old records, children’s toys and dodgy art-deco. And quite frankly, that stuff can stay there! Out of sight, out of mind…


2. I will cook more

The Christmas turkey was just too tasty and granny brought out her batch of ‘special’ mince pies (although, we’re still not really sure what the special bit entailed) and all in all you’ve eaten just a few too many takeaways during the Christmas period. “Right,” we announce to the loyal, listening pet, “time to eat more healthily.” A week later we’ve ditched Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals to the floor complaining of a burnt upper crust and are embracing the Chinese takeaway menu that’s somehow found its way back into our kitchen.


3. I will use my gym membership

This goes hand in hand with the last point and we’ve all been there. In the first week we’re on the treadmill giving Davina McCall a run for her money and then we’re picking up weights we’re certain we can lift (think of it as a bulging carrier bag). But before we know it, Dancing on Ice is back on TV, it’s the X factor auditions and there’s rumours that Strangers Things 3 is on the return. Time to cancel that direct debit…


4. I will stop procrastinating

Deadlines have hit us hard this year. Our to-do-list was bursting at the seams and so many projects were left unfinished because of our bad procrastination habit! But 2018 will be a new year and a fresh start; a chance to get more organised and to finish crossing off that to do list. Ohhh look, it’s the new Ed Sheeran video and that washing needs putting away…


5. I will lose my bad Habits

Nail-biting, one too many cocktails and over-spending on scented candles. They’re habits that we try to stop every year, but ones that we always fail too. Don’t panic, it’s character building and besides, the cinnamon scents go great with a glass of mulled wine.


Make 2018 the year to keep your resolutions

Don’t panic, we’re also here to help. We’ve written a great article on the blog with our hints and tips to help you achieve your new year’s resolutions this year - by following these simple steps we can help you smash your goals in 2018. We also a fabulous selection of journals and notebooks in our online store to help you make your plans and track your progress.

Happy New Year!

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