Our favourite stationery stories from 2017

January 08, 2018

Our favourite stationery stories from 2017

As we are start another year, we thought it would be fun to have a look at our favourite stationery-inspired stories from 2017. From motivating and clever to truly touching and inspiring - you might need a box of tissues at the ready to get through this little lot! Sit back and enjoy these stories that prove just how important a piece of humble stationery can be.


Lifelong Pen Pals meet after years of putting pen to paper

caption: Photo credit: Lori GertzWe love to promote the joys of traditional methods of communication here at Say Nice Things. And there are few things more exciting than receiving a handwritten letter which you can cherish and respond to. In May, we read about this lovely story in Good House Keeping about two pen pals who finally united after writing to each other. The pair would send a letter every few weeks on a whole range of topics and 42 years later, they finally met. Read more of this beautifully touching story here: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/inspirational-stories/news/a44008/lifelong-pen-pals-meet/


How journaling by hand changed my life

caption: Photo credit: Success.comThis story is all about how writing by hand changed the wellbeing of a gentleman and meant that his life and career improved massively. The psychologically of putting pen to paper is something that is so thought-provoking and this story from Success Magazine proves the point perfectly: https://www.success.com/blog/how-journaling-by-hand-changed-my-life


How a single fountain pen changed my life

caption: Photo credit: Levo.comTaken from a blog post all about quitting your day job, this entrepreneur did just that and came up with an incredible business plan based on calligraphy and design due to her love of fountain pens. That’s something we can all relate to, don’t you think? https://www.levo.com/posts/quit-your-day-job-how-one-single-fountain-pen-changed-my-entire-life


Sticky notes provide perfect insight into public feeling

caption: Photo credit: MHS "Remembering Prince"This lovely story is from January, when a Museum in North Carolina started to use sticky notes as a way for visitors to records their feelings and responses to the exhibit they were viewing. The result was a colourful wall which attracted its visitors and highlighted the power and unique benefits of the humble sticky note: http://ncph.org/history-at-work/sticky-notes/


Hand-written memories create the perfect once-in-a-lifetime gift

caption: Photo credit: Ren BlankWe loved this story of Lauren Blank from Texas, USA whose grandfather presented her with three notebooks filled with his handwritten memories of her younger years for her 16th birthday. The result was the best birthday gift…and not a dry-eye in the house: https://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/papas-story?utm_term=.xbOg8Qv94#.htmQ8xrPd


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