Organising your family life

by Andy Youings February 24, 2017

Organising your family life

Family life can sometimes feel a little bit chaotic. With everyone having different interests, activities and commitments, keeping track requires the organisational skills of a seasoned military professional. Yes, the “stick a note on the fridge” with the help of a magnet might work for a while but as your family matures, hobbies and interests grow and this is where is gets tricky. It’s time to reconsider your organisational strategy.  But don’t panic, if you haven't spent years drilling a squad your Say Nice Things journal could be just the second-in-command you need to help whip your squadron into shape.

Let's give you a common scenario of a typical family week:

  • Billy has swimming, football, a birthday party, dentist and a big homework project due.
  • Tommy has kickboxing, rugby, cooking at school and a trip to the opticians.
  • Molly has tap, ballet, gymnastics and a school trip to the farm.
  • Dad has meetings, golf and boy’s night and Mum has pilates, dinner with friends, a work presentation to prepare and a weekend shopping trip with grandma!

It all starts to get just a little complicated. Before you know it, mum has a massive headache and dad’s exhausted from trying to decipher who needs to be where and when. And the worst part…you forget to make sure you’re able to actually spend time together as a family.

Bringing order to chaos

Enter your trusty journal to help you make sense of it all. By allocating a section per person in the family you can start to bring some order to the chaos and return some calm to the family home. A quick flick to the relevant section and there’s a place to organise the itinerary and commitments for each member of the family together with contact details and other useful notes and plans. The perpetual calendar/diary section can then be used to track everyone’s movements for a given week and month. Simply allocate a colour to each member of the family so it’s quick to see who’s doing what at a glance.

caption:Your journal is great for capturing family recipe ideasOrganising your household activities is one use for your family journal but there is a lot more to think about other than social and sporting events. The last few pages in your journal is a great place for shopping lists and other ‘on the go’ plans and why not dedicate a section to family food with ideas for meal planning, recipes, ingredients, etc. The possibilities are endless. The important thing is to use your journal in the way that best suits you. One thing is for sure, having everything organised in one place will keep you calm and relaxed; and hopefully ensure you don’t double book!

Don’t forget to have some fun

Having a family journal doesn’t need to just be for the boring stuff. Why not have some fun and use one of the sections as a scrap book for all the great things you and your family have achieved. A really lovely thing to do is to create a yearly bucket list of all the things and places you want to visit over the year. Once you've been there you could add in a souvenir from your activity. It could be a theme park or train ticket from a day out; just pop it in the rear pocket for safe keeping.

Finally, if you have younger children, you could always get them involved by using one of the sections in your journal to create a reward chart. Children love to see their progress and work towards getting a treat. And it’s so much easier to organise the entire family when all family members are involved.

We'd love to know how you stay organised and if you think a journal could be the answer. Hopefully we’ve provided some useful ideas and inspiration but as always, we’d love to know how you use a journal (or notebook) to plan your family life. We believe it can really help simplify your life, reduce stress and hopefully, ensure you still have time to spend together.

Did anybody feed the dog?

Happy journaling.

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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