New term, new stationery

August 25, 2017

New term, new stationery

School always came with the ritual of new exercise books and with those, the promise of new beginnings.” – Jill, Say Nice Things Founder.

It’s that time a year again. Whether you’re about to embark on a new academic year as a student or a teacher, if you’re a stationery addict like us there is only one thing on your mind and that’s the purchase of a new collection of notebooks, pencils and highlighter pens! As fellow stationery addicts we’re sure you will agree that there is something about new stationery that makes the prospect of a new term even more exciting.


Why stationery?

But what is it about stationery that gets us so excited for new starts?

After talking about her love for stationery from an early age, our founder Jill comments: “My love grew deeper and continued into adulthood. To this day, each notebook and journal heralds a fresh start; whether it be a poem, work project or simply planning a holiday. Once it’s written down my mind is tidy and organised… saved to my stationery memory bank that will never forget. Am I a little odd?” 

Jill’s comments show that there is just something about new stationery that makes us feel organised; whether it be the fresh empty pages of your new journal or the aroma your fountain pen releases when you use it for the first time. It’s new, and to us that resembles new beginnings. We also like to think that for those of us with a creative mind, new stationery provides an open space for us to truly express our creativity. There are no distractions - just you and your notebook.

It can also be a way of expressing who we are, our thoughts and how we are feeling. Jill discovered that she wasn’t alone, realising that many other people felt the same way about stationery! If you’d like to read Jill’s recent ode to stationery click here


New term, old habits.

Now that we are all on the same page (see what we did there?) here are some typical habits displayed by stationery addicts as the new academic year approaches (don’t worry… we do them all).

  1. Lists. Do you find yourself writing a list for literally everything you do? A weekly list, a daily list, a list for all your lists? Have you written your new stationery shopping list? Of course you have! We all love a list and having a beautiful notebook to keep them in helps to stay organised and keep us on track.
  2. Stationery storage. It’s vital we organise our wonderful stationery to ensure we can find that multi-coloured highlighter when we need it. Starting your first day of a new academic term with a new pencil case it great, but getting to lay all your new pens on your desk in colour order is even better. Talking of which, did you see the amazing Gather product on Kickstarter lately? We may have ordered one (actually, we ordered two).
  3. Doodle doodle. We all need to allocate a space at the back of our journals for scribbles, doodles, sketches and in-a-rush notes. It’s a wonderful way to waste time and get creative – we call it the Playground For Our Mind and it's why all of our journals have a dedicated Doodle section.
  4. Labelling everything. Get ready to take your organisation to the next level as you literally label everything! This includes your new fountain pen to make sure everyone knows it’s yours and yours only.
  5. The first page is a new beginning. And let’s not forget our all-time favourite; making sure the first page of your brand-new notebook or journal is immaculate. The smallest mistake and you just might have to take it out and start again…or buy another notebook!

If you are new to stationery and are looking for some ideas on how you could best use it in your day-to-day life, head to the rest of our blog to explore some great ideas.


Your next purchase?

If you haven’t already, check out our full collection in the online store. And because we’re nice, here are just a few of our favourites to get you started.

Flip Flop Pocket Notebooks. An easily portable place to keep all your notes and numbers while on the go. We found it wasn’t always practical to carry your notebook or journal, overflowing with reminders and other bits of paper, so we created something small, pocket sized and reversible!

A5 Journals. We have a wide variety of designs available all ready to be adapted for whatever you choose.

Pencils. When it comes to writing material you can’t beat quality and all our pencils are made right here in the UK.


We wish you all the best in your new academic year. Whether it’s GCSEs, A-levels, BTECs, Degrees or something completely different…study is a great excuse to indulge your passion for paper!

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