Many happy returns

by Andy Youings January 20, 2017

Many happy returns

So, you’ve hiked the Himalayas, sky dived in Australia and backpacked across New Zealand. It’s understandable you might just be feeling slightly lost on your return home and getting back to reality but don’t worry; we’re here to share a few tips on how to avoid the post-travel blues by using your journal to reminisce on your adventure, remember what’s great about being back and start planning for the next adventure!


Keep your memories alive by writing down your thoughts and feelings about your trip before it’s too late and they become a distant memory. Hopefully you’ve taken notes throughout your adventure so take some time to look back and go into more detail to fill in any gaps. This is also a great opportunity to reflect on the things you’d do differently next time based on the experiences that are still fresh in your mind (it’ll make future travel a lot less stressful). We love the idea of using your journal as a scrap book while you travel as a place to keep all your travel tickets, postcards, pictures and other momentos you picked up along the way. Now that you’re home, having them all in once place not only ensures you won’t lose them but also gives you something to show all your friends and family while reminding you of the adventure of a life time.

Celebrate home

Image of airport arrivals board

Ease back into life at home by grabbing your journal and reflecting on the many positives of being back. Last week we looked at how hand written messages from loved ones can help prevent feeling home sick when you’re away. Now that you’ve returned, we suggest re-reading these as a way to remind yourself how nice is to be back and close to your nearest and dearest. We also think it’s fun to write down all the things you missed and are glad to be reunited with again; from your favourite food and drink to your comfy sofa where you can curl up with a movie. If you haven’t seen our post on gratitude therapy, be sure to check it out.

Start planning

The best way to banish any travel blues is to make a new list of the things you wish to achieve next. Take is from us, there’s nothing like a bit of forward thinking. You may have ticked many destinations off your bucket list but having just returned from your travels you are sure to feel inspired to explore many more. Harness this energy and make a list of the new destinations you have in mind together with how and when you plan to go on your next adventure. And your goals don’t just have to be travel related. Your time away will have given the chance to reflect on life in general and you’ve probably returned with a renewed focus to change certain aspects of your life, both big and small. Whether it’s long term goals such as your career or smaller plans like making more time for your family or your next creative project, your Say Nice Things journal is a great place to start mapping out the areas of your life you want to focus on.

Fresh start

Picture of habit tracker page in Say Nice Things journalFinally, the return home is a great time to break any bad habits and make a fresh start. Whether it’s getting in contact with friends more regularly, managing your finances better or eating a healthier diet, the return home is the perfect opportunity to build new and better habits. Your journal is the perfect place to start using a habit tracker to help you maximise your chances of turning these new behaviours into long term habits. This should also help you relax more regularly and remain feeling happy and refreshed.

You may have accomplished many life goals while you were away, but being home doesn’t mean your journey has to stop. While you save for your next adventure be sure to remind yourself of what matters now and how far you have come. 

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Happy planning.

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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