Making a list, checking it twice.

December 21, 2017

Making a list, checking it twice.

Christmas is a definite ‘hot spot’ for lists. This time of year finds us making and reading lists for all kinds of things; from gift wish-lists to Christmas card lists, we stationery lovers like any excuse to make one. So, we’ve put together some of our favourite Christmas lists in the form of, you guessed it, a Top 10 list of lists!

First, the more traditional lists we all make at this time of year…


The Christmas Card list

For some reason, this list seems to grow every year - and there’s always someone that you forget! Have no fear, by making this list we ensure that distant aunt and the lady from the corner shop don’t miss out!


The Food Shopping list

Ahh, the dreaded Christmas food shop! You’ve been saving your loyalty points and coupons from the post, only to forget the sprouts! Keeping a list at hand (in your SNT Flip Flop Pocketbook, of course!) means that the sprouts won’t go amiss and you’ll be in and out of Tesco in record time.


The TV Times favourites list

You’ve sat down with a glass of mulled wine, full from your Christmas dinner only to realise you’ve missed the Strictly Christmas Special (and you didn’t even realise that Love Actually was on!) We’re sure we’re not the only ones whose festive ritual involves sitting down with the TV Times and our favourite highlighter to get that list of TV-picks list perfected.


Christmas Wish List

The next time a relative asks you what you want, there’s no need to reply with the usual “I don’t know” - with a list prepared you can hand them out like business cards! Start writing them all year round so when the time comes, you’ve got plenty of ideas to hand.


The ‘Gifts for Others’ List

Take a look at our previous blog on Christmas Planning for top tips on how to keep this list up-to-date. Just like the last point, it’s always good to jot ideas down leading up to Christmas. That way you’ll always have the perfect present for that special someone.


Of course, it’s not just about the lists we make ourselves. Everywhere we look at this time of year, there’s a list for something. Here are our favourites this Christmas:

The Best Champagne

Christmas is the time to indulge (but also the time for a bargain!) and it’s always nice to impress your guests with some fab champagne! The lovely folks over at The Independent have done the hard work for us with this article on the 20 best champagnes this year.


The Best Christmas Songs

No party is complete without a little bit of George Michael’s Last Christmas. But there are so many more songs to play! Keep a list of the best ones you want on loop - your guests will thank you. Here’s what the Telegraph chose as the best 100 Christmas songs of all time.


The Top Christmas Films

We all have our favourites. Unless you’re like us and have The Holiday on in August it’s important to make the most of the Christmas films playing in the holidays and keep a note of your favourites. Here’s what The Radio Times put together the pick of the best movies this Christmas.


The Best Mince Pies

Who’s got the cheapest mince pie this year? Who’s got the most brandy content? And which retailer has gone all out on the packaging? No Christmas is complete without a box of mince pies -  so here are The Independent’s pick of the best mince pies this year.

2017s Best Gifts

Still stuck for ideas? Take a look at The Mirror’s list of some of the best tech gifts this year…then compile your own!


What lists will you be making this year? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to visit our online shop for the perfect list-making journal! 

Happy Christmas.

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