Magic moments, perfectly organised

February 17, 2017

Magic moments, perfectly organised

No matter how prepared you think you are for becoming a parent, think again. When that little person arrives in your life, everything changes and life is never quite the same again. And although you might have thought it would be easy to remember all those precious milestones, the reality might be that you find yourself struggling to recall even simple things (like your own name!) as you adjust your life to a new world-order. You’d even be forgiven for hating the phrase "sleeping like a baby” as sleep quickly becomes that mythical activity you used to know so well but has since been snatched from your grasp with no return in sight. Enter the zombie parent, living off cat naps and coffee. So, to help you why not use your beautiful Say Nice Things journal to ensure you capture those moments you'll never want to forget by keeping a Baby’s First Year Diary.





Keeping a record of your baby's first year in your journal is such a great idea. We know that all babies are different and each parent will go on their own unique journey, however there are also lots of things that every parent wants to remember in years to come; that first smile (no, it's not wind) first giggle, first tooth and first word. With babies there are lots of firsts so once you've passed each milestone you’ll want to make sure you record the moment so you can look back in years to come and recall them fondly. Say Nice Things journals are perfect for this as each is thoughtfully designed to you allow the freedom create your own memories in each of the sections. 

For example, you could create the following sections for your own Baby’s first year:

Record of baby milestones. All the firsts above but how about adding some of the sillier ones too; first exploding nappy, first projectile vomit on nanny, first wee up the curtains. Keeping a sense of humour is key at this stage of parenting!

Feeding tracker. Keep a track of feeding times, purée ideas, favourite foods and recipes. Don't forget food for yourself too; keeping yourself healthy and well nourished is important.

Sleep diary. Ok, that might seem optimistic but having an accurate record might actually make you feel better as tracking both yours and baby’s sleep patterns can help explain lots of other behaviours (but we’ll leave the details up to you.)

Funny moments. Keep a track of all the things that have made you laugh about being a parent (like the time your little one fell asleep in their dinner!)

Useful lists & contacts. Keep a record of local baby classes, mum groups, shopping lists, etc.

Night time doodling. Sometimes you’re up all hours and that’s the time our minds can be the most active. Use our journal ‘doodle section’ to free your mind of mental clutter (read our Night Thoughts post here).

However you choose to record your baby's first year, you'll be glad you did. With a journal it's easy to create a keepsake that you and your child can look back on in the years to come. No doubt, you'll be asked questions by your now five year old, who wants to know what his first word was or when did he get his first tooth. Not only will you have all the details in one place, you'll be able to snuggle up on the sofa together and share those memories. And who knows, one day in the future your son or daughter may even turn to the same pages to seek help and inspiration for raising their own children…and we think that’s a rather lovely thought.

Remember, they aren't small for long and sleep deprivation doesn't last forever. But the journal and memories you've made will.

Happy journaling.


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