It's National Stationery Week!

April 22, 2018

It's National Stationery Week!

Claxon call to all stationery addicts…National Stationery Week arrives this week (23-29 April 2018) and there’s no better excuse to get very excited and talk about our favourite subject!

If you love stationery and aren’t already aware (where HAVE you been?), National Stationery Week starts today and is the first of 7 days of stationery. And for those of us who worship all things paper and analogue, this is a great opportunity to get involved in a fantastic week that celebrates just about everything to do with paper, your pen pot and pencil case! So, if you’ve got a penchant for pencils, get the jitters around journals or are just silly about stickies, this is the week for you.


It’s a whole week of stationery.
National Stationery Week runs from 23 – 29 April with the centre piece being the London Stationery Show, taking place at the Business Design Centre from Tuesday 24th to Wednesday 25th April (World Stationery Day). We are so excited! The week not only celebrates stationery and its creators, but also campaigns to raise awareness of the importance for writing as part of our increasingly digital worlds. Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a frustrated creative or simply a parent who worries about the time young people spend on social media, National Stationery Week stands tall and shouts “Writing Matters”.

Therefore, for this week’s blog we wanted to share what there is to look forward to throughout the coming week and more importantly, how you can get yourself involved.

How to get involved

If you can’t make the main event in London (it’s trade-only), there are some great ways to get involved both on social media and at home. The centre piece is a daily designated hashtag (#) to help you celebrate your favourite interests with the wider stationery community via social media.

Let us run you through them so you can join in:

Monday 23rd: Make A Note Day (#makeanote)

The week kicks off with make a note day - but what does this mean for you? We would love you to share how you use your notebooks on #makeanote Monday. A notebook is the perfect way to capture so many things; whether it’s planning your day or writing down your favourite recipes - it’s the perfect partner for so many things! Not to mention the joy of a new notebook with blank pages, ready for you to fill with anything you desire. So, take a snap of how you use yours with the hashtag #makeanote.  

Tuesday 24th: Pen and Pencil Day (#penandpencil)

If you’re not already, Tuesday is the perfect day to fall in love with the humble pen and pencil again - after all, they create the literal connection between your thoughts and your notebook. So, why not show them some love and write a sentence (in your bestest handwriting, of course) that sums up why you adore its analogue simplicity. Take a picture and share is with us @SNTStationery with the hashtag #penandpencil.

Wednesday 25th: Stationery The World Over (#stationerytheworldover)

The ‘anything goes’ day of the week (as far as stationery is concerned, anyway). Simply upload an image or link that demonstrates your love for stationery. Don’t forget to tag it #stationerytheworldover

Thursday 26th: Work Happy (#workhappy)

Of course, for many of us our passion for stationery extends into the workplace where we spend more time planning, managing and reviewing our workplace commitments in our notebooks provided from the office stationery cupboard. So on Thursday we want to see your favourite office stationery, hear your favourite stories and feel your pain when someone borrows your favourite pen….and doesn’t return it! We mean, really…it’s just not the done thing! Share your thoughts with the hashtag #workhappy

Friday 28th: A Place for Everything (#aplaceforeverything) 

One of the endless joys of stationery is the storing and keeping our favourite pencils, notebooks, post-its, etc. Do you have a shelf of gorgeous notebooks, a pot of precious pencils or a planner full of beautiful designs? If so, we’re fairly confident you will have a place for everything and everything will be in its place! Share your photos of your most organised, creative and beautiful systems using the hashtag #aplaceforeverything. 

Saturday 28th: Get Crafty (#getcrafty)

Saturday is the day to show your creative side. There are many ways you could get crafty such as creating your own stationery organisers, decorating your journal, or simply drawing your favourite item of stationery! You can share all your creations with your stationery friends, while finding inspiration for your next project using #GetCrafty. And while you’re feeling creative, head-over to our previous post where we share a simple story we were once taught to learn how to draw a dog! If you’ve got little ones or are just a big kid yourself, we think you’ll love it.

Sunday 29th: Signature Sunday (#signaturesunday)

No written letter or other correspondence is complete without your signature sign-off. Today is the perfect excuse to work on the perfect signature to end all your beautifully hand written letters! Even a cheque deserves a stunning squiggle!


Share the love on social…

As well as the themes for each of the Seven Days of Stationery, this week is also the perfect time to share your love for stationery with others on social media using any of the National Stationery week hashtags below:


…and #saynicethings of course!

 It doesn’t matter what it is - if it’s stationery related, this is the week to share it!

However you choose to get involved in National Stationery week, we hope you have a great time and we’d love to hear any of your ideas on how to celebrate each day of the week and look forward to seeing your posts across each of the Seven Days of Stationery. And don't forget, you can indulge your passion for stationery at the Say Nice Things online store!

For more information on National Stationery Week, visit:

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