Introducing FlipFlop pocket notebooks

May 26, 2017

Introducing FlipFlop pocket notebooks


We are extremely excited to use this week’s post to announce the arrival of the newest member of the Say Nice Things family. Say hello to our FlipFlop pocket notebooks - a unique product that works for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Designed to go wherever you go, these fabulous little A6 pocket notebooks were created for life-on-the-go. Each book is your secret weapon in capturing your thoughts, ideas and tasks and comes with a clever design twist; a reversible format that gives both lined and grid page layouts. Simply 'flip' the book to switch between the two! From shopping and to-do lists to a mini journal or habit tracker - FlipFlop can be used wherever and however you require. 

And as with all Say Nice Things stationery…each is designed and made in the UK.

To celebrate the launch we thought we’d get the ideas flowing for how these clever little pocket notebooks might be used by making some suggestions for how FlipFlop can work for different people.


FlipFlop for work

Working life can be hectic. FlipFlop is the perfect place for your Monday morning planning sessions at the start of the working week. Everything from your to-do list and important reminders can be easily noted down and kept with you through the week to keep things on track and help make the coming week a whole lot easier. Why not dedicate a whole book to ongoing tasks such as recording expenses and business mileage? Using your FlipFlop notebook to capture these details as they happen will greatly reduce your workload when it comes to submitting business mileage and expenses at the end of each month.


FlipFlop for writers

Storytellers often go on the most unusual and exotic adventures in a bid to create a unique story or find inspiration. With a FlipFlop pocket book, you can take notes without the need to carry a larger journal (or laptop) with you. If you’re a creative, it’s likely your best ideas come at the most unexpected of times, and usually when you don’t have a pen or paper to hand. FlipFlop us the perfect solution to keeping hold of those often lost thoughts and ideas.


FlipFlop for travel

If you travel regularly, it’s likely you’ll meet many new people in each destination you stop to explore. And in more remote areas of the world, adding these new friends on Facebook isn’t always possible! Why not turn one FlipFlop notebook into a temporary address book, helping you capture the contact details of all the wonderful people you meet on your adventures until you get home? Touching down in so many wonderful places, with many different currencies, keeping track of your spending can also be difficult. Your FlipFlop notebook is a great place to record daily or weekly spending and how this translates to your home currency and avoid any nasty surprises when you get home.


FlipFlop for parents

If you’re a parent, then your day-to-day bag is probably similar in size to that of Mary Poppins - full of tissues, wipes, toys and even food! Often there isn’t the space for your full-size journal or notebook. Because FlipFlop is smaller and even more flexible it provides the perfect pocket-sized place for busy parents to take note of appointments, keep track of to-do lists and everything else that your week consists of…not to mention the perfect place to capture the odd crayon drawing scribbled by your young Monet in the back of the car.


Your FlipFlop pocket notebooks are available now, priced £6.99 for a pack of three. We’d love to know how you’re using yours…drop us a line to or tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @SNTStationery.


Happy journaling.

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