House & Garden Festival Part 2

June 23, 2017

House & Garden Festival Part 2

Why we love doing events…and why it’s important that we do.

It’s been a busy week here at SNT Towers - only we haven’t actually been at SNT Towers at all as we’re exhibiting at the fabulous House & Garden Festival at London’s Olympia! At the time of writing, the event is exactly half way through so we thought this week’s post was a good chance to reflect on our experiences so far (this is our first big event for Say Nice Things) and the things we’ve enjoyed most about meeting our customers face-to-face.

So, here’s our Top 5 reasons why it’s important for new brands to get out there and meet consumers at events…


Customer Feedback

It goes without saying that the biggest benefit is speaking to our customers and seeing and hearing their reactions to our products. As an online business, getting our products into customers’ hands is our biggest challenge and nothing (nothing!) beats watching someone pick-up our journals and notebooks and listening to what they say. Thankfully, 99% of the time it’s all “oohs” and “aahs” which tells us we’re doing something right and that our obsessive attention to detail is having the impact we hoped it would.

Image of Say Nice Things staff meeting customers at the House & Garden Festival

Feedback on new products

One of the unexpected delights of events is how helpful they are in shaping our new product development. By talking to fellow stationery addicts this week, we’ve managed to get an even greater insight into the minds of our customers, and most importantly, the other stationery products they purchase and what else they would like to see in the range. Diaries are always a popular request but we’ve been surprised by other suggestions that have come from our customers and our heads are now a-wash with ideas for new products we could bring to the range in the future. We’ll keep you posted!


Meeting other makers

One thing that’s really hit home this week is how helpful and supportive our fellow makers have been. We’re all on a similar journey, albeit at very different stages. As a result, we have been delighted with the ideas and suggestions from other business owners on other events we should attend, how to improve our display, sharing useful contacts, etc. Not to mention the unbelievable response to cries of “Oh no! I’ve forgotten my screwdriver” during Tuesday’s build up! It’s made us feel much better about the mistakes we sometimes make, because others have done the same!


PR opportunities

Another surprise is the media coverage of an event like House & Garden Festival with lots of magazines and online resources attending. As a result, we’ve made some really great contacts such as bloggers, journalists and retailers who have showed interest in our products that will lead to future PR coverage, which is a huge benefit to a new brand like ours.


Finding other lovely things

And lastly, we love finding other lovely products that we didn’t know about before. From artisan food producers to bespoke furniture and beautiful artwork, we’ve seen some gorgeous products that will definitely be finding a place in our own homes!

Image of House & Garden Festival at Olympia

We’ve loved our experience at London Olympia so far and can’t wait for the next two days. Say Nice Things is still at the early stages of its journey and like all new beginnings, we’ve had our moments of self-doubt and procrastination. However, getting “out there” and meeting our customers has given us renewed confidence in our company and the stationery products we design and make here in the UK. We’re now even more excited for the future.

If you’re a young brand (or even an established one) we’d highly recommend consumer events as a way of confirming your strategy, growing awareness (and sales) for your business and meeting lots of fabulous, helpful, positive people in the process.

 And that has to be a good thing!

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