FlipFlop Pocketbook feedback

June 29, 2017

FlipFlop Pocketbook feedback

As a new brand, one of the most exciting things we do at Say Nice Things is to stand back and listen to what our customers have to say when they get our stationery in their hands. It’s also one of the most terrifying things we do; because until we hear the feedback from our customers we’re never certain whether our care and attention to detail during the design phase has paid off!

And so it is with our newest product - the clever and incredibly useful ‘FlipFlop’ pocket notebooks. Designed to be reversible, we designed the product around simplicity and usefulness whilst trying to ensure we maintained our ethos of quality, attention to detail and of course, UK made. We think we achieved it but our customers are the ones who really decide.

Since the launch of the FlipFlop pocket notebooks we've started to receive some lovely feedback from the lovely folks out in the stationery community, so we thought we would share these with you in order to provide some independent feedback on our newest product. 


UK Fountain Pens (June 2017)

"The FlipFlip notebooks from Say Nice Things come within a hair's breadth of perfection."

Read the full review here.


Organised Jo (June 2017)

"Love it. One place to write goals, numbers, blog stats, anything..and another to write lists. How fab is that?"

Visit Jo's Facebook page to watch the review video.


Stationery Matters (June 2017)

"Young British brand Say Nice Things introduces FlipFlop reversible pocket notebooks to its expanding stationery family, catering to lovers of both lines and grids."

Read their post about the FlipFlop here.


Nib & Muck (July 2017)

"I’m crazy about the FlipFlop. It has great paper, an amazing cover and a unique size. At £6.99 for three it is very reasonably priced too – that’s essentially six notebooks in one package due to the different rulings. I’ve gone through two of my three already!"

Read their post about the FlipFlop here.


Many thanks to everyone who has taken the time to comment on the FlipFlop pocket notebooks. We’ll continue to keep this page updated as we receive further feedback. 

To purchase a FlipFlop pocket notebook of your own, simply visit our online store.



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