An ode to stationery

by Jill Pinner August 15, 2017

An ode to stationery

Our founder Jill is a proper stationery addict. Ok, we’re all stationery addicts here at Say Nice Things…but Jill has the biggest addiction - BY FAR! However, one of the most pleasing things about launching her own brand has been the realisation that, after years of thinking a love of stationery was a little strange, she’s realised she’s not alone. So, now that the truth is out there, Jill’s in celebratory mood and has written her own little ode to stationery.

We think that fellow addicts will enjoy…



Ever had a secret you thought could not be shared?

Because you may seem silly, boring or even pretty weird!

The secret that not only brings you joy it fills your senses too

With smells and touch and visual pleasure made that way for you.


Then one day you realise that you are not alone

Someone talks about the secret it's no longer just your own

It isn't just your passion you are no longer weird

Loving stationery is wonderful and something to be shared.


And so my friends we bring to you that secret in its glory

Stationery made with love, passion and with quite a story

For those who know what joy it brings

Join the journey with Say Nice Things!


Feeling inspired? We'd love to read your own tributes to everything analog...there might even be a prize if it's really good! Send them to us at: or upload via our contact form.

Image of Jill's ode to stationery

Your secret is safe with us!


Jill Pinner
Jill Pinner


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