10 Reasons why we love autumn

by Andy Youings September 22, 2016

10 Reasons why we love autumn

Ok, let’s get one confession out of the way before we start. There’s nothing we love more at Say Nice Things than making lists in our notebooks; they help us to get stuff done and keep us motivated. However, there’s another secret reason why we love lists (which sort of contradicts what we’ve just said)…they’re the perfect excuse to take time away from the important things to show our appreciation for the stuff that we just love! So, when a colleague casually mentioned that it was the start of autumn this week (22nd Sept, to be exact) and asked; “What’s your favourite thing about autumn?” that was all it took. Cue massive distraction.

Two hours later and after much discussion we arrived at our Top 10 reasons why we really love autumn and aren’t so sad that summer’s over:

1. Crunchy leaves

We know it’s an obvious one, but if you can crunch your way through a forest without raising a smile, or walk past of pile of leaves without kicking them with careless abandon then you’ve got more will power than us!

2. It gets dark earlier

This might seem like an odd one but after a great summer, there’s something comforting about dark nights, cosying up on the sofa with a good book, record or film. It’s also the perfect excuse for quality time with your journal and a bit of forward planning! 

Cosy night in

3. Bonfires and fireworks

The other great thing about it getting dark earlier is the arrival of bonfires and fireworks which light up the night sky in November. Just remember to check your bonfires for our little hedgehog friends first!

4. Halloween and carving pumpkins

As we’re sure you can imagine, we’re quite an arty bunch here so the opportunity to dress up and create some pumpkin carvings is something to be relished!

5. Long walks and blackberrying 

Mother Nature’s pantry is well and truly open for business at this time of year so get out into the autumn air for a walk in the countryside and stock up on tasty blackberries. If you’re wondering what to do with them, our recommendation is a crumble (with custard or ice-cream, of course). 


6. Cozy clothing

Don’t get us wrong, shorts and flip-flops are great (just saying ‘flip-flops’ makes us smile) but there’s nothing better than digging out your big winter jumpers and feeling snug on a cold day.

7. The Great British Bake Off!

If you’re in the UK, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. The autumn sees the annual run of one of the most unlikely candidates for the best TV show ever; the Great British Bake Off. Get inspired, grab your notebook and start planning your next culinary masterpiece. And no, we DON'T want to talk about the move to Channel 4.

8. Log fires

If you’re lucky enough to have an open fire or log burner then we’re sure you’ll agree that the delivery of the winter log stock is a good reason to welcome autumn with open arms. There really is nothing like the crack and pop of a real fire.

9. It’s the run-up to Christmas!

Come on, admit it - autumn also means something else. Christmas is just around the corner and that’s a whole other list we all need to make! We don’t need to say any more.

10. A fresh season is a fresh start (especially this year)

As stationery addicts there’s something extra special about autumn as a season; signalling back to school and back to study. As a result, for most of us it’s where we trace the beginning of our love affair with stationery. This 'new term' feeling never leaves you and always means new notebooks, jotters, pencil cases and all things stationery. And for 2016, it also means the launch of our first collection of journals and notebooks. Autumn then, more than any other season seems to signify fresh opportunities for us stationery lovers, so for this reason it’s our favourite of all!

We’d love to hear what you’d add to the list? Leave a comment below or Tweet us at @SNTStationery or leave a message on our Facebook page.

Andy Youings
Andy Youings


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