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Writing to aid verbal communication

by Andy Youings July 17, 2017

This week we continue our mental health series by delving a little deeper into some writing techniques that might help in taking the next important step in resolving issues that may impact mental health; sharing our feelings with friends and family.
Identifying feelings for better mental health

by Andy Youings July 08, 2017

As public awareness of mental health gets better, we look at some simple writing techniques that can by used to help identify and rationalise thoughts and serve as a great way of dealing with issues that could be affecting daily life, both personal and professional.
FlipFlop Pocketbook feedback

by Andy Youings June 29, 2017

Since the launch of the FlipFlop pocket notebooks we've started to receive some lovely feedback from the like-minded folks out in the stationery community - so we thought we would share these with you in order to provide some independent feedback on our newest product.