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What might your handwriting say about you?

by Andy Youings April 27, 2017

As National Stationery Week draws to a close, we thought #FountainPenFriday was a great opportunity to delve into the curious world of graphology; the study of our handwriting and what it might say about us. Time to get our research hats on!
A Thank You goes a long way

by Andy Youings April 27, 2017

With National Stationery Week in full swing and today being #ThankYouThursday, now is the perfect time to reflect upon all the things we are thankful for. And whilst it’s always nice to express thanks in person, writing down all the things we are grateful for comes with many benefits, and where better to take note than in your journal or notebook.
How to draw a dog with a story

by Andy Youings April 25, 2017

It's National Stationery Week so we're celebrating Tuesday's #GetCrafty theme with this cute film that teaches your kids how to draw a dog. #NatStatWeek #7DaysofStationery