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Planning a home improvement project

by Andy Youings March 24, 2017

There’s something about the arrival of spring that makes our thoughts turn to improving our lives with some home improvements. So, whether it’s decorating the kid’s bedrooms, giving your garden a makeover or building an extension we share some simple ideas on using your journal to collect your thoughts and piece together your next home improvement plan.
A day to remember

by Andy Youings March 14, 2017

Planning your wedding, the most perfect day of your life, is a big deal. But as with any big event there is a lot of planning…and we mean a lot! Here’s just a few handy tips on how your journal can help to take the strain and keep you organised and stress-free for the Big Day.
Adding the personal touch

by Andy Youings March 10, 2017

It can be hard to find a gift that really shows your Mum how much you appreciate everything she does. We look at how you can personalise a Say Nice Things journal with a few little touches to add extra thought and love to your gift this Mother's Day.